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Based on our appreciation and restriction to inform you about the privacy policy and how we collect, use and store information in Top-Way, we offer and show you Top-Way’s privacy policy regarding you and your business. We seek in Top-Way to maintain your information and trade. Therefore, we have to make our privacy policy agreement visible to you as retailers.

We have created the following privacy policy that we use on Top-Way in order to save your data and your rights. We cite here that it is necessary to review our privacy policy and that all information related to your business is subject to the following policies.

The information we obtain on Top-Way and keep

  • Retailers’ personal information such as (name, mobile phone number, email, housing address)
  • Store commercial information such as the commercial register.
  • Store entry information like entry times, and how to enter.

Revenue information, goods and services related to the store

  • Top-Way has access to view store revenue.
  • Top-Way has access to view the quality of offered goods and services in the store.
  • Top-Way has access to view store performance in order to improve performance and guide the shop owner.

How secure the information is on Top-Way
We work in Top-Way to preserve the information related to the retailer and the store by all available means and not to disclose it to any other party and work with all possible means to preserve it from penetration since there is no complete confidentiality in the internet world and therefore we ask the shop owners not to disclose their data to any other party.

When do we share your information with a third party
Since we work with other partners to ensure the provision of additional quality and services such as marketing services, we have to be alert that store and owner data is shared with some third-party companies, which include:
Marketing companies and our partners to provide additional services and with marketing companies.

In case you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us through the email:

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